Jopi supprts 3D-models too
Save 3D-model to Jopi, attach it to a device. Use 3D print also 'On-Site'
Save 3D-model to Jopi, attach it to a device. Use 3D print also 'On-Site'

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Try for free the end year 2023

And next year 2024 for the half price

Take Jopi for a trial run and convince yourself of its superiority, versatility, and functionality with different terminals.

We offer the first twenty (20) testers a free trial period until the end of the year without commitment. When you continue to use next year 2024, then you will use the Jopi service at a 50% discount throughout the next year 2024. If for one reason or another you do not want to continue, then we will delete all your data from the system including fault log photos and videos and documents by the end of January 2024.

Faster you react more you will benefit.

To start trial usage of Jopi-system send us an email kokeilejopia.maksutta edapco.fi

Detailed terms of use can be read

Shortage version of terms of use are:

By using Jopi you can manage 3D models too

Jopi supports any kind of formats

Attach a 3D-model to device. Search with device name, type or document name or document type

Searching documents costs time and also money. On crtiticla situations or with critical devices the indirect costs can be huge.

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We are a company specialized in process plants, construction and maintenance work systems about 30 years. We are a healthy, solid and competent company partnering with other similar companies in Finland.

To our partner network belongs several IT-specialists and companies. We know IT and how to utilize it in business. We don't do things because of information technology. We don't talk IT jargon but plain simple language. We work and developed software to benefit our customer's business Our extensive experience in the operations of industry and maintenance guarantees that we understand the customer's (your) business. Our systems are developed using C# and SQL-Server. There has been news about some IT managers saying that usability is not most important issue. We disagree heavily. To us and to our customers the usability is very important, especially when you use the software as a tool in your work. Of course there are other issues but what about very secure software with zero usability.

Our products and services:

With help of our high quality and convenient systems our customers like municiapality of Posio and several electricity industry companies have increased the maintence work productivity and quality and also customer satisfaction and same time they have reduced the maintenance work costs and increased the income

Contact us and send your contact information for a free trial

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Jopi White Paper


Our experts

Tapani Ranta

CEO & Founder, Jopi development

Tapani has experience in mechanics, process and energy industry as well as information technology and databases in different business areas for almost 40 years. Tapani has worked in companies such like current Fortum (former Imatran Voima), UPM and Metsä Serla and in Telecom companies and in the biggest banks in Finland.

Olli Leskinen

Marketing, sales and testing

Olli has almost 40 years of experience in automation, computers and data networks, e.g. From Tandem, Compaq and 724-solutions. Olli has worked with Vodaphone and Swissscom IN UK and Switzerland.

Jarmo Holopainen

Marketing, sales and testing

Jarmo has long experience in information technology and telecommunication networks. Jarmo has worked several years in Nokia.

Maarit Hämäläinen

Marketing and sales

Maarit has long experience in information technology and telecommunication networks. She has worked in Nokia and Telia.

Jopi - system

Jopi - system is more safe and better mainenance tool than social media apps

Some companies are offering Whatsapp for defect reporting and are using it as channel between a company and a customer. Childish and insecure too. (Read an article, currently only in Finnish)

At least we can think about what servers and in what country are used for saving the information. Do we want that our defect information is hold by some one else. But at least we could analyze the process using a social media app as a working tool. The defects are done written using various types. The information is not typed and grouped which means that the meta data is only text written freely. This means that the defect data can't be analyzed and the company will not learn anything and the customer can't start using predictive maintenance and the company offereing Whatsapp as a critical too can't offer predictive maintenance. In practice, Whatsapp or a similar social media application is only a follower of telephone, text message and e-mail, so whats the point.

Jopi system and our products:

Jopi modules

Jopi system modules
Jopi contains several modules which can be used separately or with other modules. At its simplest the company can start using Jopi's fault reporting module and expand the usage later on.

Fault reporting and management

Jopi-vikakirjaukset (vikatiketit)

At its simplest, you can start using Jopi with Jopi's basic functions and the fault reporting module. A picture and video can be attached to the fault report (fault ticket).

All faults can be priorized which can be shown graphically using different colors or icons like traffic lights. (The colors and icons can be set on settings.)


With the device (registry) function, faults can be assigned to the device. When a work order is generated from the fault the assigned data is copied automatically (the copied information can be updated later if needed).

With the property (register) function, defects can be linked to the property. When a work order is generated from the fault the assigned data is copied automatically (the copied information can be updated later if needed).

Work management


The work management module can be used to generate a work order from the fault ticket.

All works can be priorized which can be shown graphically using different colors or icons like traffic lights. Workers can be defined to a work and a person responsible can be set too.

With the device (register) function, works can be linked to the device. (If there was a link already on fault ticket that information is copied to the work automatically.)

With Real estate (register) function works can be linked to the real estate. (If there was a link already on fault ticket that information is copied to the work automatically.)

Document register function enables linking documents to work which enables and quarantees that the workers have right instructions with in.



Document register enables document management, document browsing and their linking to work, fault tickets and device.

Documents can be on any format and they can be pictures, videos sheets, instructions like structural drawings, electrical diagrams, HVAC pictures, maintenance instructions.

Documents can bu also urls to documents and videos residing somewhere else on the internet.

Documents can be groupped to groups like electrical drawings, structural drawings, assembly drawings etc.



Device register module enables management of device information.

Devices can be groupped by type like electrical, HVAC devices or like valves (such as control valve, non-return valve or poppet valve, ball valve), pump, container etc.

(If necessary we can assist on typing and grouping data, especially related to process industry and telecom.)

To the device data can be linked information of suppliers either directly or using a link to the supplier's system. This helps the worker as he/she will find right data without any searching.

Device register module together with document module enables linking documents to devices.

Together with Fault Historia module the company using Jopi-system can analyze which devices causes the faults and predict maintenance needs.

Hours done and Items used

Jopi-tunti- ja nimikekirjaus

The hour recording module enables the reporting of working hours. Work and company management can view entries made by individuals by work or department. The reported hours can be exported and printed to Excel which can be sent by email or by whatsApp. The hour report can used as attachment of the invoices.

The items used reporting module enables the reporting of items. Work and company management can view entries made by individuals by work or department. The reported items can be exported and printed to Excel which can be sent by email or by whatsApp. The item report can be used as attachment of the invoices.

Real estates

Jopi-tunti- ja nimikekirjaus

Real estate register enables management of real estates and their information.

Real estates can be groupped to real estate districts.

Together with document module documents can be linked real estates.

Fault tickets and works can be linked to real estate.

Works can be linked to real estates.

Together with IoT module of Jopi the alarm data appear in the information.

Fault history and predictive maintenance

Jopi-vikahistoria- ja ennusteet

Fault history information is generated automatically in Jopi based on fault and work data and the information entered by workers If the fault has a picture and a video they can be analyzed later on too.

Compared to manual processes like phone, email, WhatsApp using Jopi is a better alternative as Jopi stores the information to database where it can be found later on. Also the information recorderd is done more similar way.

With Reports module work and company management can monitor faults and work as well the work status, defect types graphically or in tabular form.



APIs (REST-API) quarentees efficient and easy integration with other systems.

Jopi has API functions both to retrieve data (Get) and to update and insert (Put/Post). The APIs support JSON, XML ja CSV and the usage of APIs.

In addition to APIs it is possible to import and export data to Jopi or from Jopi using traditional csv-format or Excel-format.


Jopi - has new cool features and some very brazing are coming as well

With Jopi the fault reporting and maintenance work will be more convient

  • With Jopi - service reporting the faults and following the repair work is easy, 'transparent' and predictable. Jopi covers all phases from fault reporting and work orders to recording hours done and items used. All data can be downloaded from Jopi to Excel-sheets and CSV-files too. Basic data can be imported to Jopi from Excel too. In addition to these alternatives Jopi supports and has REST APIs.

  • Jopi is very likely the most versatile and handy system on the market. It works in several languages, in addition to Finnish, English and Swedish. Other languages, such as Polish and Estoniann Spanish etc. are coming during this year.

  • Every worker can use Jopi in his/her own native language. This will improve the communication between workers and will increase the understanding work information and orders.

  • The thing to be repaired, the so-called fault logging, can be reported in seconds with a few easy selections. The fault reporting can be done without an image or with an image showing the fault.

    In case the reported fault needs any repairing work the person managing the maintenance work can create a work order and select workers to do it. The manager can select priority for the created workorder and he/she can link a device and/or a real estate to it too. Also documents can be linked to the workorder. The documents can be instructions (pdf, docx, xlsx, txt), pictures, jpg, png, tiff, jfif, Cad dreawings (dwg, dxf) and videos (mp4, avi etc.) The attached documents can be easily downloaded and watched when the workers do the work which makes the repairing work smoother and safer. Jopi documents can be watched with AR glasses attached to the helmet or they can be watched with tablet devices or mobile phones making the repair work easy and efficient. And with help of Jopi the work done can be reported at the same on the field.

  • Drone - pictures, videos and other measured data can be attached on Jopi to some real investment or area easily making it easy to find data afterwards

  • Jopi is SaaS (Software as a Service) based web-system and it works on any browser, mobile, tablet device and PC.

  • History data is saved about the repaired issues, their causes and the corrections done. This data can be used when planning and forecasting the maintenance work meaning predictive maintenance work.

  • History data can be used in training the new workers.

  • All sensitive data is secured (https/VPN and crypted). Contact us and ask the price or ask the demo.

The benefits of Jopi are

Jopin hyödyt

Jopin hyödyt

Process flow of Jopi

Process flow of Jopi

Jopi - System

Convenient and unified fault reporting and management

Maintenance work web- and mobile system specialist, Edapco Oy, has developed one of the best solution for unified fault reporting and management. The system runs on every client platform and it unifies the fault reporting and management in the way that they can be compared to each other.

  • Jopi maintenance work management system makes fault reporting easy and fast
  • Jopi runs on different kind of devices and it scales on tablet- mobile- and laptop- screens
  • Jopi unifies the defect reporting and collects history data of all faults
  • The collected history data can be used to forecast the possible defects using the predictive models of Jopi AI-database

The Jopi system can be run on different languages and it is easily customized. All sensitive information is crypted. Ask more, email and ask for demo.

Why to use Jopi

  • With help of Jopi work goes well and succesfully
  • Predictive maintenance, as well as timely and correctly performed property maintenance, saves energy!
  • You have the work documents always within meaning that you will save time and money
  • You can get history data of the faults and what have caused them and how they were solved and repaired
  • You 'equalize' information in the organization and secure the preservation of 'silent knowledge'
  • You can analyze the data collected by Jopi and create forecasting models used in predictive maintenance
  • Jopi is easy to use, it is secure and safe. It helps you and your company
  • Jopi works on all devices having a web browser everywhere and anytime


Choose an option for your needs

These are just examples. Don't hesitate to contact us, we will gladly tailor an option which suits your needs.

In case of more users or an option containing all Jopi modules we will give an offer.

  • Basic
  • Fault reporting + Jopi-basic modules
  • 10 users
  • email support with in two working days
  • 22 €/user

    per month
  • Pro
  • Fault reporting and work orders + Jopi-basic modules
  • 10 users
  • email support with in one working day
  • 35 €/user

    per month
  • Pro +
  • Fault reporting, work orders and documents + Jopi-basic modules
  • 10 users
  • email support with in one working day
  • 49 €/user

    per month


Send an email and ask more tapani.ranta edapco.fi

Send an email and ask more olli.leskinen edapco.fi


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