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Truly digital solutions

not just talk and vision


IT-services and solutions over 25 years

with contemporary and commitment

We are an IT expert of energy economics and automation. We know the industry standard secure networks, wireless measurement and control systems for energy saving of manufacturing and real estate. We manage the sensors and surveillance camera systems.

Iot solutions related to manufacturing, building and maintenance iot4work.com

Iot solutions related to housing, living and events iot4people.com

About company


Edapco is an IT- company with a history over 25 years run by three professionals. We know maintenance work, safe networking and energy economy.

Our partner network consists of single IT-experts, networking companies and service companies (electrical installation work). We manage cloud based systems (Azure, AWS), relational DB's such as MS-SQL Server and Oracle, we know XML, JSON, IoT and HTML5-web solutions what we develope using Javascript, TypeScript, Jquery, Node.js and C#.

Our services:

  • Digital solutions to logistics, building and mainenance
  • Analyzes of potential energy saving methods in real estates, manufacturing and lighting
  • Surveillance camera systems 'as 'turnkey delivery' method

By using our solutions our customers have improved the efficiency of their working processes, improved the quality of their products and reduced the costs and dioxide carbon (CO2) emissions.


Our products are:

  • web- and mobile solutions for building and maintenance (take a look at our newest application, EMWS)
  • fault prediction data solutions and forecasting models
  • industry standard reliable and secure networks
  • surveillance camera and other sensor systems
  • measurement and control systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting

Our products:

  • improve building and maintenance processes
  • improve work productivity and unify the way of fault reporting
  • save energy and thus reduce costs and carbon dioxide emissions
  • improve company image due to smaller CO2-emissions
  • improve security and prevent burglary or vandalism

To see our Iot solutions utilizing different kind of IoT sensors visit our iot4work pages.

EMWS - Edapco Maintenance Work Solution

Convenient and unified fault reporting and management

Maintenance work web- and mobile application specialist, Edapco Oy, has developed one of the best solution for unified fault reporting and management. The application runs on every client platform and it unifies the fault reporting and management in the way that they can be compared to each other.

  • EMWS application makes fault reporting easy and fast
  • The application runs on different kind of devices and it scales on tablet- mobile- and laptop- screens
  • EMWS application unifies the defect reporting and collects history data of all faults
  • The collected history data can be used to forecast the possible defects using the predictive models of EMWS AI-database

The application can be run on different languages and it is easily customized. All sensitive information is crypted. Ask more, email and ask for demo. You can download the prochure from here

EMWS application

Our knowledge

We know IT, automation, networks, energy saving and with help of our partners we know the electricity. We manage CAN-systems, machinery and ventilation & heating.

We know dynamic responsive web and mobile solutions. We know different kind of business and manufacturing areas too.

  • To improve the processes of manufacturing, building and maintenance
  • To analyze the data collected with our solutions and to create forecasting models related to maintenance work and faults
  • To find the best options to save energy in areas of real estate and industry

Got interested in something?

Send an email and ask more tapani.ranta edapco.fi

Send an email and ask more olli.leskinen edapco.fi


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